Welcome, my friend! I invite you to explore some emotions and moods on canvas. I aim to lighten and uplift the soul.
Welcome, my friend! I invite you to explore some emotions and moods on canvas. I aim to lighten and uplift the soul.
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Artist Perspective

We are the creator of thoughts. Introspection is the key to an artist life.  We see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and intuitively interpret the vibrations of all that surrounds us.  We think on these things and feelings to fine our emotional response on the subject.  It is our human experience to analyze our world and our experiences and make preferences on what we like.  The average human does this process so quickly and so unaware, that is passes without our notice.  An artist slows this process down, so that they can examine is and break down all of its components and focus on its attraction for us.  We focus on its meanings, the feelings on its existence, and try to find its reason for being.  Artist are the digestive system of the eating experience.  Every detail seems to make more of a difference in the experience and must be given its own amount of time to be digested or appreciated fully so that we may extract the essence and meaning of life from the food experience.  "I think therefore, I am" is a famouns quote that come to mind.  This quote comes from Rene' Descartes, as a latin philosophical proposition has been translated to english.  It was originally written in French and then later in Latin.  But in my own interpretation, I feel the meaning as an empowerment of 'we the creators'.  If we think it, we create it!


I believe we are all artist, of our own sort.  Because we create our reality with out thought of we ourselves.  We become our own actionary and our own observer.  We have all heard the scientist and doctors proclaim, "we only use 10% of our minds power".  What are we doing with the other 90%, and why are we not using all that is available to us?  We are all thinkers, not one of us living goes without thought or consciousness.  Some people may have limiting thoughts tha a comatose patient is not thinking because they are not in an action state of talking, but that has been proven false.  If we are alive, we are thinking and thinking is creating.  Each thought forms another adjoining thought.  And then those become more forming a group of thoughts, that if practiced often become a belief.  These beliefs become our world as we perceive it.  Some people perceive that world in an artistic way of colors, shapes, patterns and textures.  While someone else ay perceive the world as numbers, or mathmatical equations that form problems with solutions or formulas tha make up patterns (fabernachi and fractals).  Numbers can create visuals through a repatitious equation .  Others may create with foods or fibers from nature.  The combination that the human mind puts together are unlimited and they all create the "things" that we call our world.  We all contribute to the whole of our experience call existence.

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