Welcome, my friend! I invite you to explore some emotions and moods on canvas. I aim to lighten and uplift the soul.
Welcome, my friend! I invite you to explore some emotions and moods on canvas. I aim to lighten and uplift the soul.
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I wrote an earlier post on "Finding Focus".  In this post, I described an experience of hyper focus while I was visiting Walt Disney World.  I was so tuned into myself during a thought about a job I would like to achieve, that I lost the focus on the physical vacation that I was in the midst of.  It was not for a long period of time, just a few moments, but long enough to send a message to the universe with my desire.  And it did turn out that I worked for the Walt Disney World/MGM Studios for five years in my early 20's.  I enjoyed this experience very much, until I knew that the time for a new desire to hatch was upon me.  How did I know that?  It comes around as a feeling, the universe is instilling a though of sureness into you energy field, and you feel it with everything that you know as you.  The next manifestation was to live in New York City, and follow my artist career full time.

So what I would like to "focus" on, is how to focus.  An artist is well versed in shutting out the rest of the world, and in that statement is the key.  Finding focus is not something you bring into you, but so many things that you tune out of you.  By reaching a state of being, where you just don't care about anything other that the focus thought, or by deleting all outside of you, you are eliminating all obstacles or diversions.

An artist is always getting into hot spots for not being present in their responsibilities to their loved ones or family (I leave that open for your interpretation).  When are artist is onto a focus thought, no one or no thing can reach them in their bubble of intention.  An artist will loose hours when they are in the "flow of focus".  They will be completely unaware of the space around them, even unaware of the bodies needs to visit the bathroom, or to eat food/sustenance.  Nothing else exist.  This is Focus.  I think of it as getting lost on the way to find this physical universe and all of it's inhabitance.  This is wear great things can be created and REALIZED!

I encourage you to find your focus when it comes to your desired life and create it as art.  Great things will happen in your life.

Love and blessings,


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